Attributes Steel/Aluminum Windows Vault UPVC Windows
Corrosion Resistant/UV resistant Surface corrosion is a well-known phenomenon with Aluminum Frames Vault doors and windows systems are capable of protecting from high UV index. The entire process from raw material selection to advanced extruding to further processing is formulated to attain highest quality profiles capable to resist UV radiations which are generally high in the Indian subcontinent.”
Combustion Resistant/Self Extinguishing Steel and aluminum windows are noncombustible. This means that, in case of fire, the only material that would not propagate the fire is aluminum/steel. Vault uPVC windows are difficult to ignite. if ignited and the source of flame is taken away. uPVC self extinguishes. uPVC will not support combustion and will not spread the fire on its own. uPVC has one of the lowest surface spread of flame ratings of all materials”.
Resistance to Rotting and Splitting/Wind load Unlike wooden doors, doors made of aluminum/steel are not susceptible to rotting and splitting, thus are capable of standing up against harsh climates. “Vault uPVC Door & Windows can withstand storms with wind pressure of over 3000 Pascal which is equivalent to a speed of 245 km/hr. This provides excellent application flexibility for today‚Äôs modern high rise building structure.”
Termite and Insect proof/ resistant Aluminum/Steel windows cost are also termite and insect resistant. Thanks to the highly developed compound as such Encraft UPVC windows and doors are termite proof and do not get swelling during monsoon.
Weather Resistant Aluminum/steel windows are flexible, water-proof, and flood-resistant. “Built With ring precision. Vault product range when installed in accordance with known installation guidelines like BS8213-4 will provide the perfect barrier against the elements. Rotting. splitting. warping or corroding. some of the problems associated with other frame materials will not happen with uPVC”
Durable Frame Finish/Strong and Secure Aluminum/steel windows are a highly durable material and finish. Vault Door & Window systems have been engineered to allow the secure fitting of hinges. locking devices and handles providing a high level of security against intrusion and peace of mind. Vault systems are naturally flame retardant and decrease the fire load of a building fire.”
Life expectancy High-quality aluminum/steel windows can last up to 45 years. Vault uPVC double and triple glazing windows come with an A++ rating and a life expectation of over 35 years.
Maintenance Maintenance cost increases as much as 90% over the years (at the end of the 10th Year). Maintain ace costs decreases with the passing years.
Cost Aluminum windows cost more than uPVC profiles. uPVC material cost is less when compared to Aluminum profiles.
Carbon Footprint/Energy Efficient The carbon Foot Print of the Aluminum profile is 8.24 kg CO2/KG. “Vault uPVC windows have just 1.90 kg CO2 /kg. When it comes to thermal properties. uPVC is an excellent proposition for fenestration solutions due to its inherent warmth. All Vault systems provide excellent thermal insulation. and the TwinSash can achieve as low as 0.8 W/m2K by using double glazed units. This makes the TwinSash from Vault truly energy efficient. comfortable and affordable fenestration solution for all markets.”
Sensibly Green Aluminum/steel windows can be recycled after their lifespan. “Vault doors and windows are a superior option to wood and aluminum. Positive insulation reduces the carbon footprint of the building. 100% recyclable Vault systems are Lead-free thereby increasing the environmental sustainability.”
Thermal/ Sound Insulation Embodies energy is in terms of MI/kg is 155.0 “In Vault uPVC windows, it is just 60.9. Vault uPVC Door & window systems utilize a multi-chambered profile design with double seal technology that ensures excellent insulation against sound infiltration. Installed with appropriate glazing. sound reductions up to 40 dB (decibels) are achievable.”