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Aluminium Sliding Window System

  • Sliding windows can be offered in two, three, or four part designs
  • Add on frame system for multi-sash installations
  • The system can accommodate glass thickness of 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 mm
  • Smooth and quiet running; long service life thanks to minimum wear
  • With optional insect screen
  • Almost unlimited choice of colours due to finishing techniques such as anodising and powder finishing


Nothing beats aluminium slidings for your window requirements

Vaultwindow offers the best Aluminium sliding windows for the walls of your house. With a diverse assortment of Aluminium sliding windows designs that aid in seamless functionality, these are proving to be of use in all kinds of homes or offices. Be it traditionally designed or fashioned contemporarily, Aluminium furnishings are in vogue primarily because of their durability and their resistance to swells and cracks stemming from adverse climatic conditions.

Aluminium use predominant in today’s building material

Aluminium doors and windows are increasingly becoming the material of choice for most construction and architectural purposes. As opposed to heavy and solid wooden fittings, those made of Aluminium offer the perfect, smooth style coupled with unmatched security. Our sliding windows solutions are synonymous with slim, vertical lines that make way for an elegant and sleek look. Also, the glaze of the metal reflects the light refracted through the glass, thus, lending a sense of extended space to the surroundings around.

Protection against dust and rust

Resilience in character and form, Aluminium sliding windows are immensely reliable. The resistance of the material to dust, stains, and scratches for prolonged conditions add to its popularity. Deemed best for use in countries characterized by harsh and adverse climatic conditions, the resistant quality of the material used by us will give you an extended product life.

Browsing Aluminium furnishing on our site as and get low-maintenance quality to ensure hassle-free use and continued savings in the long run.

Unbeaten finishings

The texture and colors used in finishings matter extensively. The best part of replacing your timber windows with Aluminium sliding windows is that the latter is available in a broad range of designs that are possible because of the metal’s pliability. For additional protection, one may opt for either anodization or powder coating of the same. The powder coating not only helps to create colors that merge with the hues and shades of surrounding space but augment its look. Anodizing prepares the surface of the metal that further allows it to be painted in any color. Keeping in mind your sense of style, fashion, and aesthetic sense, we offer you various designs of Aluminium sliding window frames available for both domestic and commercial use.

Budget matters!

Budgetary constraints refrain people from infusing style with strength. However, the abundance of Aluminium metal combined with its low maintenance charges we offer will make you happy, We are here to ensure that you get the desired feel and strength at much lower costs without extending your budget.


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