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Aluminium Sliding Door System

  • Sliding doors can be offered in two, three, or four part designs
  • Add on frame system for multi-sash installations
  • The system can accommodate glass thickness of 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 mm
  • Smooth and quiet running; long service life thanks to minimum wear
  • With optional insect screen
  • Almost unlimited choice of colours due to finishing techniques such as anodising and powder finishing


Sliding Door System

Vaultwindow Aluminium Sliding Door Systems stand out from the rest
You can now view the vast expanse of scenery through your door without compromising on its looks and security. Vaultwindow Aluminium sliding doors are now deemed as one of the most reliable solutions for furnishings at homes or offices, letting you enjoy the exterior from inside your room. Be it the enticing balcony sliding door or those at the entrance, the simplicity of this innovative concept lends your space a light-filled look in sync with the climate outside.

Use Aluminium to lend a smart look to your Doors

The concept of slimline Aluminium sliding doors is in vogue, especially, in homes aiming for a contemporary look though they are equally popular in spaces constructed around a traditional outlook. Designed in sync with modern trends, our Aluminium sliding doors come in varied sizes and are fashioned according to the particular needs of your home interiors. Available in a number of combinations including two-door, three or four-door combinations means that you can have them installed in varieties of applications depending upon one’s need and choice.

Gripping and smooth Aluminium sliding door tracks ensure seamless movement unlike the hinges attached with timber doors that need regular oiling or maintenance. Moreover, you can view our product range of Aluminium sliding doors on both twin and triple track systems in multiple opening configurations.

Why are our sliding doors popular?

Though unconventional in approach, the popularity of our sliding doors continues to rise. This is because we have not stopped our creative streak merely at introducing new designs, but have come up with unique product innovations that have only added to our growing portfolio of sliding doors. Our team of experts ensures that the Aluminium frames are sleek and slender, thus, making a greater scope for inclusion of more glass within the frames. The maximized glass area fitted with minimal Aluminium profiles allow one to view the surroundings sans any unwarranted hindrance.

When it comes to security, be it at home or office, Aluminium sliding doors continue to be rated among the foremost owing to their unmatched and full security features. The enhanced security locks are designed to augment the sense of safety and protection among users. The interior door hinges installed on our sliding doors explain our unrelenting focus on our customers’ security.

Trust only Vaultwindow for your door requirements.

At Vaultwindow, our customers gain access to a diverse assortment of designs that are not only broad in their range, but inclusive of varying needs and choices of our customers. Whether you are constructing a new space or renovating an old one, you may trust our team of experts at Vaultwindow to look after all your furnishing needs. We are passionate about quality assurance and continuously strive to be better with our sincere efforts, intelligent insight and perspicacious execution.


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