Monsoons bring in lush greenery along with a big relief from the sizzling heat of summer. The rains wash away our heat woes but along with it bring other concerns especially to our living spaces as furniture, home fittings such as windows and doors in the form of water seepage. With rainwater entering into our homes that result in damage to wooden doors and windows in the form of swollen windows and doors and rusted iron furniture due to humidity in the air during the monsoon.

However, using the right materials for windows can help you keep away all monsoon melancholy at a good distance. One of the most popular choices is the use of lead-free uPVC profiles in making windows and doors. With Vault uPVC windows and doors, you in this monsoon be prepared for window waterproofing through weatherproof doors and windows.

Here are some benefits of using Vault uPVC windows and doors that include-

All uPVC windows and doors are designed using the latest compositions which are lead-free and make way for weatherproofing windows. Now, no matter if it is a cyclone, high torrential rains, or high-speed windows we have you covered. Our uPVC doors and windows are tested to be fabricated into reliable and durable weatherproofing windows.

During monsoons water gushing in through windows is the least favorite situation. Nevertheless, uPVC windows and doors are completely resistant to strong tropical rains. The latest technology used by Vault complying Waterproof Standards BS EN 1027 & BS EN 12208 through its Class 9A (Casement series) & class 4A (Slider series) acts as a shield of protection (waterproof) during monsoons.

All the uPVC doors and windows are manufactured complying standards-BS EN 1026 & BS EN 12207 with Vault achieved values Class 4 with stringent quality checks and constant monitoring are designed for airtightness during abnormal weather.
Fabricated right

Manufacturing precision and engineered uPVC profiles is definitely the first step. However, along with flawless technology and accurate manufacturing techniques, it is also important to fabricate it right. All of the uPVC profiles are crafted with such precision and dimensional accuracy that it just fabricates perfectly. Window waterproofing is hassle-free when it is fabricated right with uPVC windows and doors.

The most chaotic issue that homeowners face during monsoon or right after the monsoon break is termite infestation. This is most common in the case of wooden windows. On the bright side, uPVC windows are not susceptible to termite infection at all, (anti-termites) making them a desired choice for windows.

Monsoons also bring with them an array of insects, especially mosquitoes. While an insect mesh can be used in any window type but the ‘easiest to fit and maintain’ insect mesh can be done on uPVC doors and windows. There is a lot of customization options and the designs are sleek and tidy.

You can enjoy the cold air and the beauty of the rain without worrying about anything else with uPVC Windows and Doors. These uPVC windows and doors not only just protect your space from the winds and rains but they also adorn your place with a wide range of customized choices in terms of frame designs, colors, laminations, hardware, and more.